What is "community" acupuncture?

The "community" in community acupuncture (CA) refers to levels of business and personal involvement between the acupuncture practice and its location.

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About VCA

Valley Community Acupuncture is the culmination of one acupuncturist's dream to serve the community where she lives in the most effective way she can.

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About POCA

The People's Organization for Community Acupuncture is the national organization for the community acupuncture movement. Set up as a cooperative, POCA embraces acupuncture practitioners, their patients, and organizations as members who support community acupuncture.

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Grand Opening

Ah, May. So many historic events and customs are observed around this time of year. Here are a few:

  • May 1st is celebrated in many countries as “Labor Day,” a celebration of the working class.
  • Beltaine – Beltaine is one of four Gaelic seasonal festivals, marking the beginning of the pastoral summer season when livestock are driven out to summer pastures.
  • Cinco de Mayo – marks the victory of Mexico over France at the Battle of Puebla, and has become a celebration of Mexican-American culture in the U.S.

It seems an auspicious time to launch a community acupuncture clinic, so let’s celebrate beginnings, victories and working people! Come and experience the power of people and community acupuncture!

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Valley Community Acupuncture is a registered Connecticut nonprofit corporation.

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